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PhotoMapper v0.7 Manual taging

If you don't have access to a GPS or if you have no recorded data for your images you can manually tag the images using PhotoMapper.

Find the location

Find the position in which the picture is taken on a map, e.g. Google Earth. In Google Earth you can see the position for the point over which you are holding the mouse pointer and can easily correlate an image with its geographic position.


Double click to edit the fields Lat, Lon and Alt in the image table. Enter latitude and longitude in the format DD MM SS.SS, e.g. 59 19 15.34, which means 59 degrees 19 minutes and 15.34 seconds. In the field to the right of Lat there should be an N if the coordinate is in the northern hemisphere and S is it's in the southern hemisphere. Correspondingly, the field to the right of Lon should contain an E for the eastern hemisphere or a W for the western hemisphere.

Finally select all manually edited images in the file table and press Tag selected images.