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PhotoMapper v0.7 What's New

Support for import of multiple GPS tracks simultaneously.

Better error messages when GPS import fails.

Support for Google Maps

Qt has been upgraded to v4.5.1.

Exiv2 has been upgraded to v0.18

Thumbnails of photographs can now be used as placemarks in Google Earth.

GPS position is now interpolated between points rather than just using the mid-point.

Context menu added to image list to remove images from the list and to zoom the map to selected photograps.

Fixed crash when tagging read only files.

Fixed crash when importing out of spec NMEA data.

Identification of GPS file type added so that file suffix is now unimportant.

Added support for Exif oirientation.

PhotoMapper v0.6.1 What's New

Extended GPX support to cover the WPT-tag

Qt upgraded to 4.3.3.

Exiv2 upgraded to 0.16.

Fixed bug in EXIF parsing that caused a crash in some image exports.

PhotoMapper v0.6 What's New

Rearranged the user interface a bit to make all widgets visible without user intervention.

Direcories for import of images and GPS-tracks are now remembered between sessions.

Setting for Google Earth export (except track color) are now saved between sessions.

All imported GPS tracks are now visualized and not only the track that corresponds to the selected image.

GPS tracks can now be removed from the application.

Changed logotype and application icon.

To save space, only the image file name is now shown and not the complete path. The complete path can be seen in a tool-tip when placing the mouse on the file name.

GPS track list has been shortened and put in a tree view where more detailed info is shown when expanding the node in the tree.

For NMEA import a time difference of one hour is now required to count it as a new track. (Previously the time was five minutes.)

The GPSVersionID tag is now saved when tagging images.

Exiv2 library has been upgraded to v0.15.

Qt has been upgraded to version 4.3.1.

Basic support for satellite imagery from NASA has been added. Requires import of valid GPS-tracks.

PhotoMapper v0.5.1 What's New

Fixed a bug in NMEA-file import.

PhotoMapper v0.5 What's New

Added management of modification time for tagged photographs. The user can choose to preserve the original modification date, restore the date to the time of exposure (if present in EXIF data) or let the tag set a new modification date.

Image previews are now generated in the background to speed up the GUI.

Line width of the polygons exported to Google Earth has been increased from 2 to 3 points to increase visibility in Google Earth.

The GPS data tag is now sorted on time.

File import is now handled with plugins which will make it easier to add support for new file formats in the future.

Fixed a bug regardning tagging of images with no correspondning GPS-data (i.e. manually tagged images or images tagged by some other software).

Fixed time zone bug when daylight savings time is active.

Fixed a number of bugs regarding coordinates on the western and southern hemisphere.

Made sure that file dialogs stay in the last used directory for that particular dialog.

Added support for the nmea format, which is used in, among others, Sony's GPS module (*.log).

Made sorting possible on all columns in the image table.

PhotoMapper v0.4 What's New

Improved responsivness in GUI when loading huge GPS files

Added the possibility to select to export to Google Earth in 2D or 3D.

Added support for Garmin's new TCX format.

Dropping GPS sessions that do not contain valid positions on import.

Fixed critical bug in GPX import where times would not be parsed correctly.

Fixed bug in color settings for Google Earth polygons.

PhotoMapper v0.3 What's new

Improved time handling with functionality for time zone adjustment and user specified camera time drift.

Presentation of imported GPS-polygons in table format for improved awareness of the connection between camera time and GPS time.

Possibility to export GPS polygon to Google Earth in user specified color.

Faster matching between GPS-data and exposure time

GUI layout using splitters for easier user interaction with the layout.

Bug fixed so that the progress dialog will not appear on image import if no files were selected.

PhotoMapper v0.2 What's new

Improved Google Earth export with the possibility to customize the exported file.

Support for the GPX file format which means support for more GPS devices.

Bugs fixed in HST-import when points did not have a valid position.

Improved handling of progress dialogs.